Streamline Your Pharmacy Operations

Reduce costs, paper and time spent in running your day-to-day pharmacy operations.

Streamline Your Pharmacy Operations
  • Pharmacy Manager

    Manage your whole pharmacy from one app. Manage employees, monitor sales, track inventory and do your accounting.
  • Auto Stock Replenishment

    Automatically replenish stocks once it reaches your set benchmark & manage products expiring soon.
  • Error-proof Order Processing

    Automatically validate orders against original prescription from clinics/wards Etc. Dispense medicine safely with unique barcode validation (in your inventory records) for a look alike.
  • Simplified Patient Communication

    Chat function to help your patients with ordering of medicines and reconciliation on arrival. Integration with SMS services for order notifications or campaigns.
Secured Patient Medication Record (PMR) System

Secured Patient Medication Record (PMR) System

Clinical pharmacy services just got easier. Allow clinicians to access, record and share real-time patient data and medication records in one place.

  • Patient Medication History
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Add Notes (for critical info)

Inventory Management

Use Remedial Rx stock control solution to manage everything from ordering to monitoring and financing.

  • Inventory Monitoring Dashboard
  • Auto-alert On Stock Below Set Benchmark
  • Stock Ordering And Quick Auto Re-ordering
  • Buy Now And Pay Later
Inventory Management
Simplified Reporting & Accounting

Simplified Reporting & Accounting

Create your own views, filter, save it or export the data to Excel to work with as you deem fit.

  • Customize Report
  • Inventory Dashboard
  • Power Search Anything
  • Dispensing Dashboard
  • Sales Dashboard
Remedial Health App Access Instant Loan Screen

It’s Time To Unlock The Future of Your Pharmacy.

Stock up your pharmacy with ease, access credit and simplify your operations.